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In support of its customer base, A2Z provides instrumentation support for numerous testing activities. This includes both the design/development of custom test instrumentation and supporting test activities with commercial test instrumentation.  Test instrumentation support includes: 
bulletStrain Instrumentation (COTS and Custom)
bulletTemperature Instrumentation (COTS and Custom); active and passive
bulletData Acquisition and Storage (high-speed, high-bandwidth, etc.)
bulletHigh-Speed CCD/CMOS/Image Sensor/Video capturing
bulletCustom ICCD System Design and Concept Architectures
bulletHigh-Speed Pressure (Static and Dynamic) Measurement
bulletCustom Instrumentation Trade-Off Studies
bulletand many more!

In addition, A2Z Innovations, Inc. develops LabVIEW -based Graphical User Interface (GUI) drivers to assist in data acquisition and instrumentation system operation.

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