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A2Z Innovations, Inc.
celebrated its
15th Anniversary in 2018!

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New Product Development

A2Z Innovations, Inc. is an engineering, product and business development firm dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs bring products to market and improve their existing customer base. 

Founded in 2003, we partner with companies, entrepreneurs, and technologists that may have access to a market, but are having difficulty either developing a breadboard, prototype or production-ready products, or who need expertise in growing their technology base to meet market and company needs.

A2Z Innovations also partners with companies that are seeking funding through contracting opportunities (such as the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs), often creating low-risk business opportunities for all.

Examples of our core technologies include:   

bulletOptics and Opto-Electronic Instrumentation Design, Development and Production;
bulletSystem Concept Analysis and Feasibility Evaluation;
bulletNon-Contact Sensor Concept Development and Evaluation;
bulletElectronics Design and Prototype Production;
bulletUltra-High Speed Video Data Acquisition and Image Processing;
bulletTest Range Instrumentation and Data Collection; and
bulletImage/Signal Analysis from Test Range Data. 

A2Z has applied these technologies in both the Commercial and Government arenas for many customers.

A fundamental philosophy at A2Z Innovations is that the establishment of Technology Partnerships is key to our continued success.   We invite you to use this web site to explore our backgrounds in the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, Government subcontracting, and commercial product development efforts.  

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