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Subcontracting and Teaming
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A2Z has the needed expertise to assist your company/team via standard subcontract engineering.  Below is a sample of our current and recent subcontracting activities:
bulletProduct Definition Design and Documentation
bulletCOTS Optical and Electro-Optical Sensor Evaluation
bulletData Acquisition & Real-Time Processing
bulletFiber-Optic Systems Analysis
bulletOptics Engine System Design
bulletField Testing Documentation and Test Support
bulletImage Processing
bulletCustom Instrumentation Design
bulletOptical System Design & Layout
bulletOpto-Mechanical Design
bulletMechanical System Development
bulletRapid Prototype Production
bulletLRP Assembly and Testing
bulletCommercial Product Development and Production
bulletSub-Contractor Monitoring
bulletTest Plan Preparation & Implementation
bulletProposal Writing (Technical and Management Volumes)
bulletProposal Reviews (Pink/Red/Gold Team Reviews)
bulletMarketing and Web Page Development
bulletCommercial Project Management
A sample of our commercial customers for our teaming and Product Development activities includes:
bullet99% Trading Corporation
bulletADTRAN, Inc.
bulletAgility DGS, Inc.
bullet Anzar Homes, LLC
bulletAnzar Lifestyle Homes, LLC
bulletAnderson Home Construction, Inc.
bulletAurora Associates
bulletBahia Vista Associates
bulletDMS Technology, Inc.
bullet Dynetics, Inc.
bulletFreEnt Technologies, Inc.
bulletFuture Works
bullet Harris Corporation
bulletLaser Atlantic
bulletMcHenry Home Investors, LLC
bulletMinerva Engineering
bulletMCJ, Inc.
bullet Noah Industries, Inc.
bulletPhoton-X, Inc.
bullet Radiance Technologies, Inc.
bulletRed Team Industries, Inc.
bulletRNR Ventures, LLC
bulletTDH Capital Group, LLC
bullet VT Group
bullet Van Tharp Institute

If you would like to discuss possible support for your project, please feel free to contact us at a2zinfo1 at a2zinnovations dot com .

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