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The Laser Vibrometer Sensor System was developed for the non-invasive measurement of vibrations in a machine shop or similar environment. The use of the system allows for detection and minimization of chatter vibrations, resulting in optimized machine tool feed rates. Sensor heads provide displacement data to the control unit, which processes and compares the data to allowable thresholds. When a threshold is crossed, the system Control Unit outputs a PLC signal for CNC parameter reduction. The Laser Vibrometer Sensor System was originally developed by A2Z Technologies Corporation for the US Air Force under the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program.     

Preliminary Testing

Key Benefits/Features

bullet5 Independent Sensor Heads
bullet10-mm Measurement Range
bulletPosition Accuracy < 2.0 microns
bullet5 kHz Frequency Response (Vibration Detection)
bullet5-Channel, 12-Bit Data Acquisition System
bulletGUI-Based Interface
bulletPLC or G-Code Data Output
bullet10BASE-T Ethernet Connectivity

Did You know?

Did you know that machine tool vibrations introduce a number of difficulties on the manufacturing floor including poor surface finish, reduced dimensional accuracy, and damage to the machine itself?
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