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Technology Partnerships
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Technology Partnerships

The establishment of technology partnerships plays a primary role in A2Z Innovations business strategy.  A2Z partners with companies/ entrepreneurs that have access to a market but are having difficulty developing a prototype or production-ready product.  For both commercial and Government projects, our engineers stand ready to assist in your development process starting from initial business development to final product rollout.

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Commercial Product Development

A2Z Innovations, Inc. is currently part of commercial teams developing high-tech, optics- and electro optics-based products. As part of the teams, we frequently become involved in many aspects of the product development cycle including:

bulletIntellectual Property and Initial Patent Searches
bulletPatent Development and Invention Refinement
bulletCommercial Product Definition
bulletEstablishment of Requirements Documents
bulletProduct Design (prototype, LRP, and production)
bullet BOM creation and Development Cost Analysis
bullet Breadboard Development (Reduction to Practice) 
bullet Product Production (rapid prototyping, full production, 
contract manufacturing)
bulletLayout and Implementation of Test Plan
bulletVendor Qualification & Selection
bulletIdentification & Qualification of Other Teaming Partners 

A2Z Innovations, Inc. also provides commercialization support to its clients on a project basis.

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Government Subcontracting

Do you need to put together a team with a strong optics or hardware design, development, and testing background for your next proposal? In addition to a specialized niche talent in optical & opto-mechanical design, we can also assist with the following:

bulletJoint Concept Development
bulletProposal Preparation (Technical Writing, Compliance, Pink/Red/Gold Team Reviews)
bulletInitial Project Planning and Scheduling
bulletStructured Product Development Plans
bulletProgram and Project Management
bulletOpto-Mechanical Design  
bullet Optical System Design  
bulletRDT&E and Prototype Design Review Services (Preliminary and Critical)
bullet Prototype Production and Testing
bullet Product Production
bulletTest Plan Development
bulletInterface Control Documentation
bullet Field Testing and Data Collection
bulletMarket Analysis and Product Marketing

To discuss possible teaming activities further, please contact us at a2zinfo1 at a2zinnovations dot com  

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Hot Tip

Did you know that speed to market is often your best weapon in beating the competition?  A2Z Innovations prides itself in helping you bridge the gap to product launch.

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