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Core Technologies
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We are staffed with engineers who have over a third of a century of combined experience in the optics and instrumentation arenas.  By utilizing an array of strategic technology partners, our technology base is continually expanding. Below is a small sampling of our core technologies that can be applied to your needs.

Prototype Production and Testing

A2Z Innovations, Inc. has experience in all areas of product design, production, and testing.  For additional information, click here.


Commercial Product Development and Business Sales

The optics engine project is prime example of how A2Z Innovations can assist you in developing your product needs.  After working with a teaming partner on the top level functionality requirements, the principles of A2Z Innovations (through A2Z Optics Corporation) were able to develop the product from design to prototype to production and resulted in international product sales and cash flow for both A2Z Optics Corporation and its teaming partner. In 2005, the entire business division for this product was purchased by an outside venture.

commercial product

In addition, A2Z Innovations provides commercialization services and support for its clients. This includes providing marketing, business development, commercialization plan development, finding Phase III/commercialization funding, and assisting with product development maturation through the various levels of production and sales.

Optics and Optical System Development

A2Z Innovations, Inc. is well equipped to perform all aspects of an optical project from concept development and analysis, to initial optical layout with tolerances, to opto-mechanical design, to custom optical assembly and test, and to final system/product development. Click on the above links to learn more!


The list below includes the type of optical systems with which we have on-going activities:



Lasers and Laser Radar


Photo-detector and Receiver Circuits


Fiber-Optic Communications


Active and Passive Hit Detection Systems for space applications


Digital Interferometry and Holographic Systems


High-Speed Electro-Optical System design, development, and testing


High-Temperature, and High-Speed Passive Temperature Characterization


Optical and Electro-Optical System Concept Development


Custom High-Speed, Camera-Based Optical Systems


Optical Sensors for Autonomous Vehicle Concepts


Optical Systems for Hypersonic Event Measurements 


Camera and optical systems for passive 3D Measurement and tracking

Product Testing and Test Support

Many of our activities require instrumentation design, production, and operation, and data analysis.  Click on the above links to learn more!


Hot Tip

Did you know that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has a free searchable database of awarded patents and submitted patent applications?  A little up-front research can save a lot of time and resources when developing a new product or invention!
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