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The project information presented in this site has been approved for public release.

Listed below is a sampling of our projects.  These examples are representative of the hardware development efforts successfully undertaken by A2Z Innovations, Inc. and our teaming partners.  We are constantly looking for additional opportunities and partnerships for future hardware and product development efforts.
Optics Engine - Commercial Production Unit  Commercial Product Development
This project is prime example of how A2Z Innovations can assist you in developing your product needs.  The principles of A2Z were part of this optics engine product development that went from concept to company IP sale! 


Laser Vibrometer Prototype Laser Vibrometer Sensor System
The Laser Vibrometer Sensor System was developed for the non-invasive measurement of vibrations for the machine shop environment. The use of the system allows for detection and minimization of chatter vibrations and would result in optimizing machine tool feed rates.

Live Fire Testing of Prototype Systems Temporally Resolved Thermal Sensor
The Temporally Resolved Thermal Sensor is a multi-color optical pyrometer for non-invasive measurements of high-speed, high-temperature events.

Prototype System Research, Development, Fabrication, and Testing Time-Difference-of-Arrival Blast Sensor
The Time Difference of Arrival Blast Sensor is an instrument for measuring critical information from blast events.  Time difference-of-arrival (TDOA), angle-of-arrival (AOA), wave-front pressure transients, and wave front velocity are provided to the end-user.

Project Management, New Business Development, Proposal Teaming, etc. Subcontract Engineering Support
The A2Z team has participated on many short- and long-term independent contract and subcontract engineering efforts where their expertise in optics, sensors, commercial product development, proposal and new business development, image & signal processing, field/laboratory testing, and opto-mechanical design has been valuable to our customers.



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